2008 Performance

There are many places to see how markets performed in 2008, but I have my own spin on it.  What you mostly see reported are indices.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a commonly used proxy for “the market”.  Other than the fact that the DJ is merely 30 companies out of thousands publicly traded in the US, I don’t like to refer to indices for the simple fact that you can’t invest in an index so it is not an accurate barometer of what an investor would have experienced.

You can invest in mutual funds and ETFs that in turn invest in stocks that closely mirror an index, however.  These products reflect internal investing expenses as well as reinvestment of dividends.  Using some popular ETFs, here are performance numbers for 2008.  Overall, it was not a good year.

2008 Change Symbol Description


IVV iShares S&P 500 Index




EEM iShares MSCI Emerging Markets




ICF iShares U.S. REITs


WPS iShares International REITs


GSG iShares GSCI Commodities


AGG iShares U.S. Bond Aggregate

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