Off-Topic: Pandora Internet Radio

Like many I really enjoy listening to music and have a fairly eclectic ear.  I can’t remember how long ago I first came across but it was too early.  I recently re-discovered Pandora, and, wow, what a fabulous music site.

I’ve never really been able to describe my favorite “type” of music, sometimes the label “Americana” is applied, sometimes “singer-songwriter”.  Regardless, Pandora knows how to find the songs I like.

It works like this: you create a “radio station” by typing in the name of a song or an artist that you like and Pandora finds music like that.  I typed in the name of 2 artists – Greg Brown and Cowboy Junkies – and for the past 3 days I have heard songs from artists I know well and from ones I’ve never heard of.  Consistently good to great stuff without any commercials or breaks.  Amazing.  Check it out.


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